Friday, February 11, 2011

Pineapple Banana Coconut Coffee Cake

If you want to feel the warmth of tropical lands in midst of freezing weather, then this cake is something you might be interested in. Pineapple, banana and coconut what more you could ask for?

I don’t know what came to my mind when I was making this. I read a recipe Here  but, well I didn’t have the cake mix which that recipe was talking about. So, made my own cake mix at home and baked it too. Here is amalgamation of three flavors and what flavor it has ,Tons of it !! One Bite and the flavors just burst in to your mouth. And in case you want to impress your partner for a very special V-day celebration or surprise, then this is just the kind of thing you would like to make.

Without much let me write the recipe now.

Pineapple Banana Coconut Coffee Cake

Recipe requirements
1 cup of sponge flour
½ cup of sugar
¼ cup of butter
¼ cup of fresh coconut scraped
2 bananas mashed well
2 eggs
½ tsp of baking soda
1 can of pineapple slices
For the pineapple glaze
Use remaining drained pineapple slices
½ cup of icing sugar
½ cup of double cream
1-2 tbs of butter

First cream together sugar and butter well. Take out butter before half an hour so that it comes to room temperature or become soft, makes it easier to work with.
Now peel the bananas and mash them very well with a fork. Two bananas made approx ¾ cups of mashed bananas. However to be precise you may need 1 cup of mashed bananas. Why I keep saying it as the varieties of bananas are different. There is Singapore bananas, then chittidaar kola, then. And the ones we get here is Columbian bananas.
Now add in 2 eggs one by one mixing it well.

Open the fruit can.I happens to use the dolce fruit can. Crush some slices of pineapple and make sure to use about ½ cup of crushed pineapple. Use the pineapple juice in place of pineapple essence. Add in about 3-4 tsp of juice to the creamed sugar butter mixture. Alternately if you have pineapple essence add in about 1-2 tsp. I didn’t find any pineapple essence so added the juice instead of using the essence.
Scrape the coconut or grate it well in case you don’t have the narkol korani/coconut scarper. I happen to have some frozen fresh coconut pieces so I grated them finely after thawing. But as said freshly scraped coconut gives this cake the usual tropical flavor.

Sieve in the sponge flour well. Use premium quality self raising flour. Add in baking soda.TIP-However in case you don not have self raising flour then use normal maida/flour but don’t forget to add in some baking powder. Roughly about 1 cup of Maida adds in ½ tsp of baking powder.
Mix the flour mixture with the creamed mixture of sugar+butter+egg+bananas+pineapple crushed very gently. Now add in scraped fresh coconut. Mix well.
Preheat an oven at 175 deg C.
Bake this cake in a round baking pan for about 35-40 mints or till a toothpick comes out clean when passed thro the cake. Take out the cake from oven and let it cool for about 1 hr.
Now prepare the pineapple glaze
Reserve two pineapple rings for decorations and use the left-over for preparing the glaze. Use about 2-3 tbs of freshly scraped coconut for covering the top of the cake.
Start folding in ½ cup of icing sugar, crushed pineapple about ¼ cup, ¾ cup of double cream and 2 tbs of butter. Whip it very well.taste it if required add more sugar.
Now glaze it over the cake. Decorate with some freshly scraped coconut and pineapple slices.

Enjoy your warm tropical coffee cake with a cup of coffee or tea which ever you prefer.Heaven !!

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Woww wat an elegant cake, my favourite fruits in a cake,looks sooo marvellous..Happy V day..

  2. Gorgeous and mouthwatering cake,looks so inviting.

  3. Eta ki korecho Jaya!
    Ki shundor dekhte hoyeche!
    Coffee and pineapple ... try toh kortei hobe ... eto bhalo bhalo dishes banaccho ... kobe shob try korbo?! Pineapple cake baniyechi ... kintu erokom combi kokhono na. Ami emni mishti khete bhalobashi na ... kintu cakes are my weak point. :-)

  4. Hi Jaya,
    This cake looks mind blowing delicious !! I'm going mad after seeing these coconut flakes. sure this would taste awesome

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Hey,thats an amazingly eclectic mix of ingredients!:) Erokom cake aage kokhono shunini..but yours looks so tempting!Lovely recipe and lovelier photos....would love to grab a bite!;)


  6. Priya,


    Cakes banabaar porey beshi bhag ta amake hi khte hoye :-)..

    oh! I too just loved the coconut flakes ..that did a fantastic job for the cake..

    thanks for liking pics and believe me khete aro bhalo hoyechilo ..

    Thanks all for coming..
    hugs and smiles


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