Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today no recipe.Just guess this ingredient.And if you have guessed then leave a comment how you would like to use them in your day-today cooking.

Happy Cooking Friends..


  1. Sprouted Methi seeds? I have seen a recipe of Sprouted methi Rice - http://the-cooker.blogspot.com/2007/08/great-grandmothers-recipe.html
    I have also had sprouted methi pickle.

  2. That looks like sprouted wheat ...

  3. Methi sprouts ??

    Happy Cooking

  4. Methi sprouts? Or moong sprouts?
    Ami moong sprouts salads e use kori but make a sabzi of methi sprouts.

  5. Its called matki in marathi. M I right? We usually make misal pav, and use most of the sprouts in it. Its an all-time fav dish here. I personally prefer to slightly toss this matki on pan, sprinkle some salt and have it jst like dt. Its a good munchy to calm dwn my hunger pangs...

  6. Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay to publish the comments..

    It's methi sprouts :-)..

    Methi sprout pulao sounds nice, though I am little curious how methi sprout pickle would taste like..thanks for the links..

    As I am little sketical you know for the bitter taste these sprouts has.But on a brighter side it has enormous health benefits.

    Sabzi is nice too..should I make a potato base sabzi, or a gravy like ?

    Sulagna, Priya Thank you for guessing ..

    Now Serving and Samira,
    Thanks for playing the guessing game..

    Samira -
    Yeah well that sounds nice and simple tossing in some oil and salt.And sprouts do taste wonderful but methi seeds sprouts are bitter!...

    Thanks all for this guessing ..

    hugs and smiles

  7. Hi Jaya..
    Nice to see this methi sprouts here . I make a stir fry with it and it's very tasty and healthy too. Another recipe i make is a tahiri with it , a one pot healthy meal..

  8. Sangeeta thanks for sharing some great tips here..I have made Tahiri couple of times now I am going to make it with methi sprouts s well.hugs and smiles


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