Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Carrot Soup

I have tried to capture black and white photos rarely but whenever I did I was amazed how it changes the basic mood of the picture.
Below photo was taken in colored mode but changed into black and white thro Windows picture editing software.And I never knew carrot soup can look so elegant in black and white mode.

I do not own a professional camera or DSLR, so hopefully I have tried my best to do full justice in capturing this picture.
Sending this photo to Susan’s lovely food event details Here , which is a very popular food event  in food blogging world.

Recipe Coming Soon ....

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Windows editing is a surprisingly nice product. Great results, Jaya. I'm glad you are trying B/W out. Thanks for joining BWW.

  2. Susan,
    I am now eyening more experiments in B/W pictures and thanks for your encouragement..hugs and smiles

  3. Yeah Susan --I mean the Microsoft Picture Manager ( which comes with Windows XP) has few basic editing options..like adjusting colour,brightness /contrast ...
    pictures can be resized or compressed as well ..so far I am quite satisfied with this..
    Hope it helps to others who are looking for options other than photoshop...hugs and smiles


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