Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Spinach Bean Sprouts Cherry Tomatoes Couscous Salad

Kemon acho bondho ra?
Comment allez-vous ?
Hola, como estas ?
Kem cho maja ma?
Tussi kiwen ho?
Vannakam Yeppadi irrikkenga ennoda nanban?
Neevu ela unnaavu snehitudo?
Bhalo ase ne ?
tu kasa ashes, kaay kartos ?
Aur haal-chaal sab theek hai?

Yeah you would assume I know all these languages, no don’t get me wrong here. I was just trying to impress you all. Ok, but why I am saying this, may be you already are! No, don’t tell me you are not, oh No don’t disappoint me....

Last time I announced I was hosting an event and then wham, vanished, reasons or no reasons I am back with this post so all izz well.
With fresh blossoms showing up on every dried branches of tree, “it is time” for another circle of life as told by Rafiqui to Simba.Yeah, and the tale of that movie goes on again here. I never knew a simple animated children’s movie can have such deep impacts on our minds.

I know weather is not that pleasant back home but in this part of the world where I am sitting and typing these words, weather can be assumed pleasant. Spring is in the air, and I am sure our mango tree back home is loaded with fresh mango blossoms. And I just wonder this year, Mrs. B and Mrs.M must be even more happy as I am no where to claim my share. Or the old tattered jute bag which we do give to our helpers to collect mangoes, probably is lying somewhere in the corner of my kitchen cupboards and must have gone weathered. Memories and their short retrievals gives you one instant kick and breaks your monotony of life, so much that you start writing in your blog about those incidents.

Daffodils oh! Yellow pure shining flowers, thou presence endures a feeling of warmth, telling us that all days are not same, that cold, stubborn winter will always hide behind the warmth of sunny springs days. Little birdies why thou fly away come close near me and sing a song that is pleasant and humming. Untouched Mango blossoms would thou keep on dancing to the tune of the soft spring breeze, reviving  tired souls who gather under thy shade…….
Ok stop now I would go on like that ... but this is a food blog and where is food now…Here it is

I have been an ardent fan of couscous as you all know well, so made these cous cous salad with the ingredients that were in my pantry at the time of assembling it. Baby spinach, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes and cooked couscous makes this salad healthy and filling and very low on calories.

To the recipe now

Baby Spinach, Bean Sprouts and Cherry Tomatoes Couscous salad
Recipe requirement
About a cup of baby spinach
8-10 cherry tomatoes cut into half
About a cup of bean sprouts
1 cup of cooked couscous
For the seasoning
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp of red chilly flakes


Cook couscous according to package directions. Most of the time couscous doubles the quantity. Another quick way of making couscous, when I mean quick couscous I mean to say instant couscous. M/W about ¾ cup of water at high for 1 mint. Soak the couscous about ½ cup of couscous in this warm water for about 15-20 mints in the cup.Couscus will become double the quantity and it will turn out light and fluffy.
Now you can toss up all the other ingredients like bean sprouts, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes in some olive oil and salt. Adjust with dash of lemon juice if you like sourness, otherwise skip it. Add red chilly flakes as garnishing. Enjoy your healthy and easy lunch. Pack it some in your lunch-box if hunger cravings hits you in the afternoon.

This is going to the food event I am currently hosting ..Healthy Diet - Easy and Healthy Lunch , originally started by Priya at Easy n Tasty Recipes.....

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Healthy and colorful salad..looks delicious.

    1. Thanks Suja for coming by ..hugs and smiles

  2. Ela unnavu Jayashree? Or ela unnaru (for older people/those you don't know). Your salad looks v v nice.

    1. naunu bagunnaanu Sra..am I right there? ..thanks for coming by ..long time havent seen you..good to catch up with you here..hugs and smiles

  3. Such a healthy and refreshing salad

  4. That was a nice read Jaya, sweet memories that stay for ever :-)
    yummy and healthy salad, well presented and beautiful click..

    1. Yeah Prathibha memories always stays .people and places do change..thanks for coming..


    1. Hi Anon..thanks for letting us know that...


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