Saturday, March 24, 2012

Payesh with Saffron - Recipe Revisited

Last couple of day’s weather is pleasant here, I mean really pleasant. I neatly tucked away our coats and woolies inside the cupboard. The onset of spring is just a precursor for a good summer hopefully finger crossed. Let’s see how kind weather God can be this time!

I can’t recall I have ever made payesh with saffron back home. Although this blog has two payesh recipes – one with Nolen Gur/Noton Gur or palm jaggery in English. And another simple Chaal'er Payesh or rice pudding if you would allow me to say so.
But, the kind and quality of saffron we get here in abroad is really good, no more than good I would say. So have been using it profoundly in biryanis, pulaos and of course in payesh.What I liked about payesh with saffron is the aromatic smell, kind of exotic. If you happen to make payesh even with semiya, use saffron it really is something out of this world.
Now to the recipe for payesh with saffron-recipe revisited

Payesh with Saffron
Recipe requirements( Measurements are approx)
About 2 tbs of atop chaal/gobindo bhog/sona masoori rice/basmati rice
Soak the rice in ample amount of water for about half an hour before you make payesh.

5-6 large cups of whole milk
2 tbs of ghee or butter
1 cup of sugar or as per taste
Few strands of saffron soaked in about ¼ cup of milk

Put a saucepan on cooking stove-top/gas/hob.
Now add ghee or butter.Add the soaked rice minus water of course.Add raisins or cashews or some almonds too as per your choices.
Fry the rice for few mints.Now add in whole milk and let it simmer for about 10-15 mints or till the rice grains start floating on the top.
When the milk evaporates and rice grains are cooked.You can check if the rice grains is cooked or not by taking out some grains and pressing them with fingers.
Now when the milk has thickened a bit , add sugar at the end.Cook the milk further and let the sugar dissolve.
Add saffron soaked milk at the end.Take it off from the flame.Keep it covered and let it cool.

Serve chilled and enjoy.
Have a nice weekend and see you next weekend.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. amio kakhano saffron die banaini. looks delish though. cheler janmodine anek payes baniechilam ar bencheochilo anek. kadin khub kheyechi, mone hochhe 5 kg bere geche :-(

  2. Nice flavorful dessert. Looks so creamy and yummy

  3. Yummy Payesh with Saffron, looks divine :-)

  4. Aromatic twist to our fav chaler payesh...ektu jodi khete partam :-(

  5. Thank you all for coming by..hugs and smiles


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