Monday, March 12, 2012

Event Announcement -Healthy Diet Food Event- Easy and Healthy Lunch

This is my 300 Th post ( so as my blogger dashboard says ). And just thought it would be really great to celebrate this milestone with hosting a food event for a change. So, I promised myself this year also, that I will try to catch up more with fellow blogger friends and what could be better than hosting a food event which has purpose of not just eating but eating with healthy foods.

When I saw Priya at Priya's easy and tasty recipes starting a food event concentrating on healthy diet foods, I was overwhelmed and it so appealed me. Thanks Priya for giving me this opportunity to host this month’s edition of  Healthy Diet Food event.
There is possibly no substitution for healthy food.And the benefits it has I really don’t need to write much on that. So, Friends cook your delicious and healthy lunch recipes and send me your blog entries to make it successful, I need your active support for this.

Let me re-iterate the event guidelines in case you have joined us recently-

1)Cook healthy and easy Lunch - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are accepted from today till 11th of April 2012.
2) Post as many recipes as you can, many entries per person is allowed.
3) Link back this post and also to Priya's This Post...
4) Older post is accepted if refreshed with this page link and Priya's  This Post ...Please include the logo as well.
5) Use of logo is very much appreciated.
6) Please send me all your entries on or before 11 April 2012 with details below to spiceandcurry at gmail dot com.
            a) A picture not more than 200 wide.
            b)  Name of the recipe
            c) Name of your Blog/Blog URL
            d) Post URL
            e) Few words about your recipe like ingredients , use of method or response of your loved ones, etc..This step is not mandatory but will add up to the round-up as "In Her Own Word".....

7) Non-Bloggers , do not be disappointed, you can send me your original  entries to the e-mail listed above.

Hope I have included every details.If you still have doubts or questions, do ask me in the comment section.

Happy Cooking and Happy Blogging.


  1. Good one, will send you an entry!

  2. Congrats on your 300th dear,keep going..
    great event..happy hosting.

  3. This looks really very healthy and delicious too....thanx dear 4 sharing this...nice space nice recipes n nice clicks too.happy to visit here...

  4. Thanks for hosting Jaya,happy hosting dear..

  5. you have wonderful space dear..glad to follow u..will send my entry soon..happy hosting!! :)

  6. Congrats on ur 300th post and wishes for many more. Will send in some entries soon.
    On Going Event The Kerala Kitchen @Cook-Ezee

  7. Hello Jaya, how are you? My previous post is a healthy one...can I link it to your event, or do I have to repost that post in order to link it? Cheers

    1. Suchi if the post is not showing up in the home page..then it would be nice if you can write a fresh post with the food event title-like "repost for the event healthy food diet event-easy n healthy lunch" and giving a link to your old post ..hope It is not that confusing..here is my old post where I have reposted an old post just to give you some pointers..


      hugs n smiles

  8. Thanks Suja, Suchi, Maha, Poonam, Pratibha, Priya for stoping by..hugs and smiles

  9. Wow that was great. I think that food is very delicious and nutritious. Thanks for giving the recipe. I’m looking forward to try that one on my own. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.


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