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Banana Pancake and Blueberry Sauce

Banana Pancake with Blueberry Sauce

A healthy breakfast gives you a jump start off your day , we always neglect our breakfast , But we can try making meals which are less time consuming and healthy.Banana Pancake with Blueberry sauce is easy to make and is enjoyable also .A Fav breakfast During weekened in our home.This one is power packed with the goodness of Bananas and Blueberries.

Bananas belong to family Musacea (flowering plants) is very popular fruit .
Bananas/Kela/Kola/Kanch Kola or Plantains are excellent source of Potassium, can eat it when having diarrohea it will help a lot, originated in Malaysia then gain popularity towards India, pick bananas that are slightly green in color because you will then be able to store it for more days than the fully riped ones.Pls dont refrigerate them or store them in hot climate as it will spoil them , If wish to refrigerate better Puree them . Bananas are fav among litle ones and older ones as well Banana Bread , salads and baked Goodies .More from here Information Source

Blueberry belongs to family Ericacea (Craneberry family),are such a pleasure in summer. Abowl of berries looks elegant and also mouthwatering .Blueberries are made into Jam ,Jellies, pies and Muffins and also in baking goodies . It taste more sour or tart when raw but when cooked/baked with , has a distinctive flavour. They are best from May to Setember, they grow in cluster.Pick Blueberries that are deep in color with a whitish powder type over them , should not be soft .It can be stored in frigde for a week , Buying frozen packets then pls check the date of expiry also , but I would prefer Fresh Blueberry over frozen .Bluebbery is also good source of Vitamins C ,more Information Source , It remind me of a fruit we use to eat while returning from our School in our small Township, wild Makai , dont know have you ever heard about it .A native wild fruit plant in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Banana Pancake with Blueberry Sauce

Recipe Requirements
1 cup pancake mix (Hungry jack-light , Bisquick / all purpose flour )
1 cup low fat milk, can use water instead
1 tsp nutmeg powder
1 ripe banana
From scratch
1 cup all purpose flour
½ tbs baking powder
1 egg
1 cup buttermilk
and pinch of salt
1 tbs of cinnamon
½ tbs of nutmeg powder
Mash the banana with spoon in a bowl , gently add milk/Buttermilk to it ½ cup first and then rest , then mix .
In a large bowl , add the boxed flour ,milk+banana mixture gently , don’t beat it .
Heat a Skillet or tava or dosa tave which is available , even non sticks will work fine just check the Skillet is ready to make pancakes by droping some water drop , if it sizzles and vanish quickly ,its ready to make pancake ..
Grease the tava/skillet surface with oil .
Scoop the batter in and drop over hot skillet/tava , let it sit there for some time and keep the flame at med-low.
When the bubble start appearing its time to flip the pancake, this time if you feel do add some oil by the side of pnacakes.
Flip the side and cook just 1 mint, when its easily being released from the Skillet with the spatula , its done …make all the pancake same like the above method.The batter is sufficient to make 5 pancakes.


Also you may use self rising flour in place of pancake mix.They turn out even more flavourful.Pancake made below is made with self rising flour.

Blueberry sauce

Recipe Requirements
½ cup of fresh blueberry (can use frozen also)
½ cup and 2 tbs of sugar
2-3 tbs of butter/margarine will also be fine.
Mix in sugar and blueberry in a bowl.
Heat a small saucepan , can use melting pot also, and add the blueberry mix .
Now cook it at low and stiring in between add the butter , it will take another 7-10 mints blueberry will start to pop up at this time stop stiring .Can use corn starch syrup for sticky sauce, but I generally don’t use it .
Take out and cool , and keep in refrigerated for 2 days , it stays fresh .Serve on top with warm cooked pancakes ..
Enjoy your meals with your loved ones in Cozy environment as its winter and festive time .

some more recipes next time Bon Apetite, Happy Cooking


  1. V. nice post and delicious pancakes...
    Achcha, amra na makai corn ke boltam...etar uccharan ta ki rokom ?
    Tomra ki India chole jabe, anya ekta comment e dekhlam, tar age ekbar chole esho.

  2. Mantu- delicious pancakes. Fruity pancakes are a big hit in our home as well. Ami-o makai name ta corn diye related jaani.

  3. hi,
    banana pancakes.... yum yummmmyyyyyy... they look like dessert than a breakfast dish:) what a yummilicios dish mantu:) mind parcelling some for me? ;)

  4. dear Sandeepa,
    tumaar bhalo laglo pode bhalo laglo.Makai aami jaani corn ke bole kinto eita choto -choto berry moton hoye aar emni hoye jaaye sort of wild type ,aar amara choto belaye friends der (obangalir )sathe jetaam eita ke collect korte ,uder mokhe shona Makai to aamara o makai bolataam ,same pronounced as Makai.
    Hugs and Smiles

  5. dear Mandira,
    fruits and pancakes go well together isn't,we also make bluebrry pancakes that are also delicious...thanks for stoping by..
    Hugs and smiles

  6. dear Supriya,
    thanks Buddy for liking it , I have parceled you haha, but just come over here in US , that will be more enjoyable...
    Hugs and smiles

  7. Delicious breakfast for a lazy sunday! YUM!!!

  8. wow...I love pancakes!! that's why I loved IHOP while i lived in the US....will try this at home for the kids.

    dear Trupti thanks for droping by ,make it for your lovely sons .
    hugs and smiles...

    Dear Asha,
    yes its a perfect sunday breakfast for sundays , when you want to spent time with your loved ones..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Delicious Recipe. It has become a bit hit with my kids. Thanks for your share.


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