Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Luchi aar Alo Dom (spicy potato curry)

Sheeter Deene(Winter) Luchi Aar Aloor Dum ( Spicy Potato Curry )

Sheet/winter has many fond memoies , my mother will cook this oh so fav meal and we would love to eat for our breakfast , however I made this for lunch , and we enjoyed it a lot, hope you too .

Aloor Dum

Recipe requirements

~3-4 gold Potatoes , cut into big cubes
~large onions peeled and chopped
~4-5 cloves of garlic chopped
~1 inch of ginger chopped
~½ tbs of turmeric powder
~1 tbs of red pepper powder
~½ tbs cumin powder
~½ tbs of corriander powder
~1 tbs of garam masala
~½ tbs of cumin seeds
~1-2 bay leaf
~2-3 tbs of canola oil
~salt as per taste
Heat oil in a large pan , fry the potatoes at med –low ,take out and drain over paper towel.
Now add the cumin seeds , let it pop up , add bay leaf , chopped onions,garlic, ginger fry for 5-8 mints at med –low .
Add all the dry masalas , turmeric, red pepper,cumin,corriander and salt .add bit of sugar also .fry all for 5 mints
Add fried potatoes , stir fry whole mixture untill potatoes retain a nice yellow colour ,
Add warm water ½ cup and cover , cook for 30 mints or so till potatoes are done at low.
Add garam masala, and chopped corriander leaves . Can add 1 tbs of ghee to enhance the flavour.
take out and serve with garam garam Luchi.

Luchi ~1 cup of all purpose flour
~2 tbs of wheat flour
~water as desired to knead.
~1 tbs of canola oil and pinch of salt
Knead all into a soft dough , make small round balls ,roll them with roll pin into rounds and fry them in a kadai/saucepan in oil.

Soojir Halvah/Halwa
~1 cup Sooji /Rava/cream of wheat/semolina/Farina
~¾ cup of sugar
~1-2 tbs of butter/ghee
~cashews ,raisins
Heat a saucepan , melt in butter , add sooji ,fry till light brown .
Add sugar and fry for another 4mints.
Add cashews , raisins, water , cover cook at low for 5mints, take it out
And serve with Luchi , aloor dum .

If feel like go and listen to Madhumati songs

Some more recipe next time , Bon Apetite ,Happy Cooking


  1. Mantu...luchi...ohmygod I crave these and would eat them everyday if they werent deep fried :-)
    What a lovely meal you have there!

  2. dear Ashwini,
    welcome here, I am glad we share the same passion for luchi ..thanks for stoping by .
    Hugs and smiles

  3. I love Luchis and I have never made them as such, but are they same as Pooris?

    Aloo dum is delish,will try it.Mantu, you are great cook and I love to come here to look all these yummy goodies.Have a great weekend:)

  4. dear Asha,
    I think pooris and luchis are same ,except that luchi is made with maida ..
    sure try it Asha, and thanks for your encouraging words.
    hugs and smiles

  5. I have heard of luchis, but never tried making them myself. Aloor Dum looks delcious. Thank you, Mantu.

  6. Dekhlei khete ichche korche, nehat raat hoye geche :)
    Great post

  7. dear Jayashree,
    do try making Luchi and aloor dum ,thanks for coming by.
    hugs and smiles

    dear Sandeepa,
    aami jaani luchi aar alor dum koto tempting lage,ki boli eyi khane chole eso ,amara khob anando korbo.
    hugs and smiles

  8. Looks so good...and any curry with Luchis and a dessert at the end is worthwhile!
    Madhumati songs are wonderful aren't they? Love Old music too!

    Kudos, Trupti

    dear Trupti,
    yes ,Luchi's are so tempting and when its acomplete meal nothing complaining ,
    I too old movie songs alot ..
    Hugs and smiles

  9. hi mantu,
    mouth watering recipe :) ... it looks so yummy....

    thanks for your comment on my blog.
    here is the answer to what you asked about 'arbi ' .
    actually, I didn’t know what ‘arbi’ is. But I find from google that what you call arbi is sweet potato actually. To clear this confusion I have already posted picture of suran . Suran is what is called Yam Elephant in English. Refer to my earlier post http://creativepooja.blogspot.com/2006/11/vegetable-of-week-is-sooranyam.html, and http://creativepooja.blogspot.com/2006/11/delicious-sooran-cubes.html . let me know if it clears your doubt or not.
    Stay tuned.
    (p.s. - tell me whats your name? mantu or jayashree, coz on your blog it shows jayashree.. , i m bit confused.. :P ) .

  10. dear Pooja,
    you are such asweet heart ,thanks alot for your efforts to clear doubts..
    thanks for liking the dish and do try it ..
    Yes my name is Jayashree ,and I take Mantu to sign off comments as There are already 2 Jayashree here in blogging world , to avoid confusion ,you know..
    Hugs and smiles

  11. I simply love luchi and can have it with anything from aloo dom, to mangsho, even chaler payesh. Mmmmm!

  12. Your recepies are amazing...I am falling short of words to praise this delicious mouth-watering dishes...Though i reside in UK but these dishes reminds me of Kolkata.

  13. SRC,

    thank you coming here and liking the recipes..

    thank you for taking out your time to write here :)

    hugs and smiles

  14. My husband and I are doing a project to cook breakfasts from every country. We came to Bangladesh this week and we could not locate a proper breakfast recipe. We hope you will forgive us for crossing a border and using your recipes here in place of. We ourselves are happy as everything turned out delicious for us (our experience is posted in our blog here).

    Thank you!

  15. being a bong myself i never tried to make luchi... until i came across your beautiful blog....the whole menu came together beautifully i cant thank u enough. keep up the good work!

  16. being a bong myself i never tried to make luchi... until i came across your beautiful blog....the whole menu came together beautifully i cant thank u enough. keep up the good work!

  17. Kitty and Ayaan,

    Thanks for liking this space..regards


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