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Balanced Breakfast For WBB - 20

Breakfast are the most prime meal of the day, due to the busy schedules of the day we are so preoccupied with days proceedings ,meetings and all that stuff ,we somehow don’t give importance to this meal .However ,if you eat a proper breakfast ,it gives the required energy for the hardships of the entire day .I somehow believe in having a balanced breakfast throughout the week ,for that I may assemble the ingredients that are currently in my pantry , and sometimes a little bit of planning also .

Here is 3 ways I prepare our morning breakfast and on weekends we indulge in some heavy Pancakes or Noodles with fried vegetables.

Grains/ carbohydrate -2 slices of bread with low fat butter and Bread is the main source of energy being the carbohydrate ,
1tbs of Honey - honey is a good source of minerals ,iron and vitamins and heat energy also, Old folks recommends use of honey to ward off cough and cold .

½ cup of sprouts – Proteins –we like Bengal gram sprouts but green moong dal can also be good in the above category , sprinkle some salt and black pepper ,we also add sometimes chopped tomato and cilantro also .
It takes 2 days to completely get the sprouts , soak them overnight in water in a vessel and the other day discard the water and then keep them in other vessel covered ,the other day you can see the sprouts coming out nicely .

2 slices of seasonal fruits - Vitamins /Minerals – The above fruit is chickoo .An apple or Pears works fine .Infact remember an old Saying – An apple a day keeps a doctor away , stick to that principle .
4 dates - Vitamins and Minerals – again a good source of calories. Sometimes when dates are not available we include 3-4 cashews or almonds in our breakfast also .
And a poached egg or scrambled egg - Protein
Since Manasi is looking for a complete vegetarian meal ,I have skipped that .But a poached egg adds to the nutrients of entire package .

The other day I would assemble these together
1 glass of milk- proteins and Vitamins-
½ cup of cornflakes or cereals or satto works fine also - carbohydrates and proteins

Talk about breakfast so ,how can I forget Traditional fare of Begun Bhaja and Luchi ( my little daughter’s favorite dish ) follow this recipe for making luchi . Luchi Recipe . Since Luchi is fried in oil ,we avoid that and I make rotis/chappati instead of luchi .Genenerally I rub little bit of low fat butter over each rotis ,but my health conscious Hubby doesn’t like that either .

Begun Bhaja -
1-2 brinjals / Eggplant - cut and marinated with turmeric powder and salt .
mustard oil for frying .
Heat up oil in a kadai or heavy bottom pan ,gently release marinated brinjals into the oil .Fry them at low covered ,this way it gets cooked with little oil, flip the side in between .It will take 3-4 mints to fry them .

For the Chappati dough
1-2 cup of whole wheat Flour – a good source of carbohydrate .
salt as per taste
little bit of water
Knead the atta /flour and make a dough ,I generally make the dough in nights and store I refrigerator ,so that I can save some time over the morning .
Make the chappatis and serve the breakfast with
Rasgulla – a good source of Protein and sugar which is also a complex carbohydrate
A Bowl of fresh Curd/yogurt – rich source of protein and specially good during summers.

Poha –rice flakes fried with potato and onions


1 medium size potato chopped
1 medium size onion chopped
1 cup of sprouted Bengal gram
1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of salt
1tsp of cumin seed for tempering
½ cup of chopped cilantro /coriander
2 tbs of Mustard oil for frying
Heat up the oil in a kadai , add cumin seeds, chopped onions ,potato and fry them for 3-4 mints
Then add turmeric powder, red pepper powder , salt ,Bengal gram and little bit of water .
Cover and cook for 5 mints Meanwhile wash the poha /flaked rice with water and sieve it in a colander or generally I prefer with my hands , it makes things easy for me.
Add them with the prepared cooked potato/onion gravy and fry at low for 2-3 mints .
Sprinkle with cilantro and serve .

If you want to follow a healthy lifestyles you can check this article Healthy Lifestyle .
WBB event was started byNandita Of saffron Trail ,Now being hosted by Manasi of Fun and Food , visit here for the details . WBB 21 Balanced Breakfast

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Happy cooking friends


  1. Hey Jaya, thanks so much for making a delicious and nutritious breakfast meal! this would surely be a great addition to WBB:)

  2. wow!love these!indeed a balanced breafast!pic looks temting

  3. Wow, that's a great array of dishes! Looks so delicous. Perfect for WBB.

  4. Ok i would like a sampling of all of these for my breakfast :)

  5. Wow, wonderful breakfast ideas!! I envy you for that chickoo. It has been ages since I have eaten a decent chickoo!! Nice entry for WBB.

  6. Really a balanced one :) The chickoo is really tempting me :((

  7. Cham and Meera ,
    chickoo is the star of these Breakfast meals ,LOL
    its one of my fav too ..
    thanks for coming here

    Dhivya and Uma

    Balancing the ingredients is must for breakfast .I generally try to plan in advance about the Breakfast and other meal for the day ..
    Thanks for coming here

    aami hope kori je tumi enjoy koro eyi meal ideas golo .. ..chalo good u liked it .

    hi and welcome
    thanks for including these into the lovely event of WBB


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