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Topse macher bhaja and an Award Too

Topse Macher Bhaja (Fish fry ) and an award too

Topse Macher Bhaja
There are innumerable varieties of fish ,one can possible of think of .One of them is topse fish which is like bata fish small ,except that there is single back bone and ,this type of fish is usually good for deep frying .In fact this fish is served in Biye Bari (a home where marriage ceremony is going on ),for this the kancha (raw without fried,only marinated) fish is dipped in the batter of besan (bengal gram flour),ginger,garlic and onion paste and all the dry masala powder .However we are not to fond of that raw fish to be eaten like that ,so its better to fry them first and then deep fry them coated with besan .
Recipe Requirements
Topse Mache (Fish ) 5 ( these fish are generally categorized under small fish and they are fried like this way always )
Marinate the fish with turmeric powder,salt and keep them for 1 hrs , but before it clean them properly including washing their abdomen with running water .
Fry them in oil till they are slight brown.
Now to make the Batter in which they are to be dipped.
1- 1 small cup of besan
2- sooji 2-3 tbs
3 -ginger /garlic/onion paste 2 -3 tbs
4- coriander powder 1 tbs
5 -cumin powder 1tbs
6- Mustard powder 1 tbs (grind yellow mustard seeds in a grinder )
7 -Red pepper powder ½ tbs
8- Salt 1 tsp
9- Refined oil ½ cup for deep fry
Mix all in the large bowl .Set aside them for ½ hr atleast before frying the fish .

How to make ginger /garlic /onion paste for this batter
Cut 1-2 medium size onions,1/2 inch long ginger ,4-5 garlic pods .Grind all in a grinder for a smooth paste ,if required add little bit of water . take 2-3 tbs of the paste for the gravy and store the rest in refrigerator for future use .It stays fresh for 2-3 days .

How to check if the oil is ready for deep fry
TIP -Drop cumin seeds/or few drops of batter to the hot oil ,if it comes up to the surface of the oil ,the oil is ready for deep fry .
Now coat the fried fish with the batter well ,and deep fry them at medium and sometimes regulating the heat at low .It will take at least 3- 4 mints to deep fry each fish .
Take out in paper towels ,this way it will soak the extra oil .Serve with onion slices ,green chilies and lemon .
An appreciation and whole lot of encouragement comes my way from wonderful DK of Culinary Bazaar. Well I really ,am grateful to u DK for this wonderful award.. Thank You for making my day ..It means a lot to me. Dont know if I really deserve this but it feels great and overwhelming ...Thanks ! here is her wonderful blog with whole lots of good recipes and pics.Please visit her place .
DK Culinary Bazaar
Happy Cooking Friends.
This one going to Sandeepa 's Place ,pls visit RCI_BENGAL for more details.


  1. Enjoy the award Jaya!:))

    Oh, I love the color of that fish. I am sad that RCI Bengal is not announced but I am going to cook something Bengal next week at FH anyway!:P

  2. wow, your blog reminds me of all the delicious mach that I am missing here :) I come here to feast my eyes. Looks fabulous!

  3. Yumm that fried fish looks delicious. I can imagine eating them with those crunchy onions

  4. topse macher bhaja looks so delicious jaya....i feel deprived of all this here:(

  5. Wow!congrats on ur another award dear..and like those fish too

  6. Dhivya,
    Thanks for coming here..Ya I guess its award season ..

    I guess u can at least enjoy seeing it here...Is there any Indian Grocery there in Russia ,whom u can request some fish from India?...

    Happy ,
    the fish fry taste so yum with onions ...its a treat ..

    thanks for coming here ..enjoy it here ..LOL.

    u shud try making some of the Bengali Dishes ,u will love it ...this fish fry can go well with the white fish fillets I guess..

    thanks u all ladies..
    hugs and smiles

  7. Congrats for ur award:) The fish is really delish . My favorite 2 :)

  8. I love fish.Thanks for sharing this ,shona.
    Look here for jangri recipe.
    detailed and wonderful explanation.
    Hope this will help you.

  9. Congratulations on your award.
    Macher bhaja looks so good. I love seafood.

  10. Sagari,Meera thanks for liking this fish dish
    seafoods are always so enjoyable ...
    Modhumita ,
    welcome here to my small world ...
    thanks for the link ...
    hugs and smiles

  11. Ishhhhhhhhh tumi topse maach bhaja kore ei rokom lobh dekhacho.
    Darun dekhte lagche


  12. are aami eyi to chesta korchilaam,LOL..Sandeepa

    chalo tumaar bhalo laglo ,aami ote khushi..
    hugs jaya

  13. thanks-it tastes heavenly with beer-the britishers favourite during THE RAJ days


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