Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noton Gurer Payesh

There is one thing which connects winter and Bengal is "Nolen Gur" or "Notun Gur".
So many fond memories are attached to it , whenever my DaduBhai would visit Calcutta ,now kolkata to his sisters living here, he would bring back "Nolen Gur" or "patali gur" as their gifts to us.
He had all sorts of stories to tell, we children would sit beside him and would ask many questions regarding vehicles , sweets and people. He, in return would answer each and everyone without getting impatient or angry.
Now being married to a Bengali ,living in Kolkata , I think I have that liberty to cook with things which I only dreamt of while growing up...
There is "Patali gur" or "Khejurer Gur" , "Joynagarer Moua",all available in plenty and affordable price during these days in winter.
This gur is made form date Palm tree, commonly known as "Khejurer Gur" or "Noton gur", also known as Palm syrup.

After collecting the rather raw sap , its boiled at low stiring continuously to get that uniform ,rich texture of the liquid jaggery.The solid gur is known as the "Patali Gur" a round solid gur/jaggery sold here in many grocery stores , called as"Modi khana" in Bengali.
Now do you remember a Hindi film “Saudagar” , starring Amitabh Bacchan and Nutan, The story revolves round the making of "nolen gur". I would recommend to watch it, to gain that experience of a village life in Bengal and the living of people , mainly by harvesting these trees, then collecting the juices and "Nolen Gur" making.
That was a Classic movie with a interesting twist to the story!

Now to the simple recipe for payesh .

Semiya payesh
Quarter packet Semiya(any brand that is available in, near your grocery stores)
½ litre milk(whole milk, dont compromise on the quality of milk, the whole milk is best for any kind of Payesh )
2 tbs of ghee(yes, you need that much, it enhances the overall flavor)
4heaped tbs of liquid jaggery/Palm Syrup(notun gur) add in more if you feel the sweetness is less.
This came out perfect for us.
½ cup of cashews /raisins/almonds or add in as per preferences.
A heavy bottom pan /wok/saucepan

Add ghee to the kadhai/heavy bottom pan.
Now fry the semiya till little golden in ghee.It will take 4-5 mints at low. Make sure you dont burn them out while frying .Fry at med-low always for better results.

Now add in milk.Add in some cashews/raisins/almonds. (below picture was difficult to take, with milk pot in one hand and camera in other!)

Let it simmer for few mints there.

Once the milk is properly boiled , like this pic , lower the flame , cook at low.

Cook at low for 10 mints till the milk mixture gets thickened.Dont forget to stir in between .
If you want little runny constitency of Payesh, not much thick and rich,cook for few mints till the semiya starts to float over the top.
Now add Notun Gur to the above slowly at low, stiring at low.
Take out and cool .Enjoy Notun Gurer payesh.
Usually the rice is added to make Notun Gurer Payesh.
Soak a handful of rice in water for half an hour and follow this recipe , Payesh and Chutney . Except add in Notun Gur in place of sugar.

This is how "Gur" is being sold here in Kolkata , in a earthen pot .
With this post,from Friday , I will be taking a month long break from blogging.Meanwhile do drop in here whenever you have time to do so .I will appreciate it a lot.I will not be able to visit you often , hope you people understand that .

Enjoy the winter , and cook delicious yummy foods and sometimes even go out for long walks near your place.It gives immense pleasure in nature's lap sometimes.... ...
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Guess what I made y'day? Semia Payasam it's coming for RCI next week! :D

    Love the Bengali title, so nice to hear the stories of childhood and all. I have never been to Bengal at all, so it's fun to read this and Sandeepa's posts.
    I will see if I can catch Saudagar, they might show in one of the Indian network channels I have here! :))

  2. There is a version of this dish that is made in Guyana but it is simply called wet vermicelli :) I know, we were never good with naming things (lol)

    I wish I could see that movie you are referring to.

  3. I want a little piece of patali gur. :-( Payesh na dileo cholbe Jaya. BTW tumi bengali na? :-)

  4. Asha,
    oh! I know it must taste heaven ;D .
    yeah sure and watch it if possible , cuz the film is very interesting ,though little slow in speed , but the story captivates you!

    wet vermicelli LOL..
    yeah evn some of the traditional Bengali meals if pronounced and spelled in English will sound funny;)

    oh! i just wish i can send it to you ..(I am Bengali , kinto amaar pora shona , growing up, UP te hoyeche , Bengal in fact Kolkata theke kono touch jodi hoyeche seyita biyer por hi ..LOL..:)

    Thank you all for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

  5. Very nice semiya payasam, jayashree. The wooden pot looks so lovely. Enjoy your break.

  6. I love that last picture.
    When i read the title i was thing it is something i don'tknow then i saw, i think like asha said ot os like semiya paysom.
    Looks so yummy.

  7. I've read about this on Sandeepa's blog. My grandmother once made laddoos with palm jaggery, and warned me I wouldn't like them. She was right. :-)

  8. Ar JAYNAGER Moa , now I want to cry...ma ke bolchilam kalkei...

  9. Shreya,
    thank you for liking payasam ..

    last pic is my fav also, we have some of nolen gur left ..:(..

    you dont like palm jaggery ladoos!
    I dont know if I have ever tasted anything delicious than this ..But I am glad you shared your true feelings with me :)...

    Ami je koto kushi holaam tumi ele , ami to bhebhe hi chilaam tumake ragiye dilaam na ki , ammar honest opinion diye ..
    are ki bolcho , amaar hathe hoto tumaake nischoyi pathataam ..Joynagrer Moa and nolen gur...

    thanks for stoping by..
    hugs and smiles

  10. It is a very good movie to also learn about how that particular gur is made. Have a good break, good pictures of each of the stages.

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  12. sheeth kaale baba gurer hNari niye ashto:-) there is a different charm about that thin notun gur.
    beautiful. onek kotha monay pore jachey.

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  14. ei je tumi aar Sharmila shuru korechho...theek jei jinish guli ekhaane paawa jaaye naa aar kono kaale paawa jaabe naa, aar jeguli aito aamra miss kori, shei jinish guli chokher shamne ene dhorchho!! :)
    Just teasing go Jaya, I wrote a similar comment on Sharmila's blog on her kuler aachar. :)

    Khoob bhalo lagchhe on the contrary, to see these yummy traditional food. They bring back so many lost memories of childhood. Thanks re and you enjoy your break too!! :)

  15. I couldn't open the comment section in your "Republic day" post but I wish you a wonderful day. We are all proud of all the sacrifices they made, let's enjoy the freedom which is never free! :))

  16. Semia payasam is my Son's weakness! I had forgotten about Saudagar until I read your post - and I do remember the gud extraction!! Thanks for the very informative post, and a lovely sweet to go with it - enjoy your break!

  17. Patali Gur...hmmmnn...Reminds me of charming winter days of West Bengal, divine smell of natun gurere Payesh & enjoying oranges on lazy sunday afternoon...lots of memories.
    Nice post.

  18. Thank you all for stoping by here ..
    will catch up with all of you soon and will be visiting your lovely sites ...
    hugs and smiles

  19. Hi Jayashree,

    I tried the recipe and must tell you it was awesome (My frens loved it too). I am a total foodie and also loves to cook...really happy to come across your blog...I love bengali food...n ur blog will help me cook more. Happy Blogging and I m following your blog.

  20. Travel food and living,

    warm welcome and good to know you.I do hope I will see you here more often then :-)..thanks for trying the recipe..hugs


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