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Duporer Tiffin Khabar -Lunch-Box Recipes 4

Friends you all know about the lunch-box recipes that I am trying to post here ...
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Now to the recipes for this posts...

Lunch Combo 4 -Dal,Aloor Dom,Pepein Bhate and Koraishuti diye macher Jhal and few dates(serves 4)

Dal fry
1 cup of lentil/toor dal/arhar dal
Wash the dal thoroughly in water
Now pressure cook the dal/lentil and if required add 1 cup of water (otherwise you will get a thick and mushy dal)
Chop 1 onion, 1 inch ginger and half tomato
Now in a separate saucepan, add 1 tbs of oil, add in 1 tsp of cumin seeds, 1 dry red pepper split in between.
Slightly stir it and add to the cooked dal, add in chopped tomato pieces.
Cook covered for few mints and at the end adjust the seasoning with salt, sugar and little bit of ghee.

Aloor Dom
~3-4 gold Potatoes , cut into big cubes ~large onions peeled and chopped ~4-5 cloves of garlic chopped ~1 inch of ginger chopped ~ 1tomato~½ tsp of turmeric powder ~1 -2 tsp of red pepper powder ~2 tsp of cumin powder ~1-2 tsp of corriander powder ~1 tsp of garam masala ~1 tsp of cumin seeds ~1-2 bay leaf ~2-3 tbs of canola oil ~salt as per taste


Heat oil in a large pan , fry the potatoes at med –low ,take out

Now add the cumin seeds , let it pop up , add bay leaf , chopped onions,garlic, ginger fry for 5-8 mints at med –low . Add all the dry masalas , turmeric, red pepper,cumin,corriander and salt ,add bit of sugar also .

Fry all for 5 mints ,add fried potatoes , stir fry whole mixture untill potatoes retain a nice yellow colour and gets coated evenly with spices.add in chopped tomato pieces.

Add warm water ½ cup and cover , cook for 15-20 mints or so till potatoes are done at low. Add garam masala( or you may add gota garam masala like few dalchini,long and elaichi) and chopped corriander leaves . Can add 1 tbs of ghee to enhance the flavour.

You may like to see this old post Spicy Aloor Dom .

Pepein bhaate (Steamed green papaya)
Peel the green skin of green papaya, cut them into quarter halves, and TIP-take out the seeds and the white thin layer from inside, if left this may turn the papaya bitter.
Now when you are preparing rice, just drop it in, TIP-the rice cooks easily and takes little less time than normal it would do.Green Papaya can also be steamed or can be pressure cooked,When serving have it with little mustard oil and salt.

Koriashuti diye macher jhaal
1 cup of shelled peas
Katla mach/paka macher pieces –marinated with turmeric powder and salt
1 tomato chopped
3-4 tbs of mustard oil/canola oil/corn oil
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2-3 tsp of red pepper powder
2-3 green chilly slit in between
Salt as per taste
1-2 cups of water
Fry the fish pieces to a perfect brown and crisp in hot oil.
Now add in all, water, mustard oil, turmeric powder, red pepper powder, tomato, and peas, salt
Cook covered for 7-8 mints.take out,garnish with coriander leaves or cilantro leaves and serve with warm cooked rice.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Jaya .. ami jodi tomar barir kache thaktam ek din o ranna kortam na. :-)
    Pepe bhate ta toh darun healthy jinish .. tobe ami ekdom bhalobashi na .... tumi toh khub lokkhi meye! :-)

  2. I have never had anything with papaya... looks very yummy and delectable... Your dishes are making me droool... lunch box recipes are very helpful and I wonder how u make so much to take for lunch...

  3. Sharmila,
    nischoyi ,tumaar jonne ami ranna kore roz detaam O :))..abong tiffin o pathataam :))..
    ki kori bolo to meye ke khabate hobe ,tai agey ami to khaba shikhe jayi..boiled papaya is good for kids you know..

    oh! usually it's my hubby who takes this and end up sharing with his colleagues :))..sometimes even send me instant feedbacks also:)..
    you should try steaming green papaya ,it's a jewel of all vegetables..
    hugs and smiles

  4. Wow another yummy lunch box post! Makes me drool..Perfect :) Would love to try all!

  5. Nice dishes again .. should try the papaya recipe sometime

  6. Lots of nice stuff, Jaya. Hubby is lucky! :)

  7. Wish someone would pack me lunch boxes like this everyday! That fish fry looks so yum!

  8. pooja,
    yeah sure do try it out someday..thanks!!
    thanks for stoping and do let me know how it was:)..

    thanks dear!!

    the fish fry was indeed very tastyand more so cuz we kind of get here fresh fishes from our local vegetable market..thanks for stoping by..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Jaya
    Tomar hubby real lucky, eto shundor kore lunch shajiye dao tumi

  10. sandeepa,
    he miss home food a lot when he is touring the world,so whenever he is in home ,i make sure he enjoys the taste of home-cooked meals....nothing much i guess that is lol...
    thanks for coming here...
    hugs and smiles

  11. Jaya, pepe bhaate aami kichhootei khete parbo naa...kintu aar baaki shob kichhooo khoob ii shundor hoyechhe, as usual. Aamio khoob bhalobashi poripati kore lunch shajiye dite ebong almost all my life taai korechhii kintu tomar patience and variety'r kaachhe aami haar maanlaam. aami shob shomoy shudhu ektaa main entree dish, ruti/luchi/porota/bhaat, one variety of raita and fresh fruit er ekta bodo dabba ditaam every day. Mostly fruits er quantity taa beshhii rakhtaam health issues er jonno kintu torkaari, dal, jhol ekshaathe kokhono dite pari ni. Khoob credit dite hobe tomake... :)

  12. I wish I could have your lunch boxes in reality. They are all so wholesome and satisfying.

  13. Joyeeta,
    :))...pepein bhate eto karap noye go lol...and tumi onek korte eto kaje modhe thekee ,eto ta korte onek go ,teen te kids niye abong eto shundoor kore fruits ,raita dite tiffin e credit tumaar o ache kina...chalo tumaar kache bhalo kotha shunte khob bhalo lage shab samay hi ..thanks for coming..

    Yeah i wish so also dear!! thanks for coming here
    hugs and smiles

  14. Awesome blog!I was kind off sick of not finding anything new to eat and VOILA I found your lunch box series! :).... You just made me terribly homesick :(

  15. Hey thanks for sharing such nice recipes.thanks alot.will try it.


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