Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shrimp Rice Pulao and Chicken Curry

Usually I dont go out of the way to prepare some signature dishes.I try to cook what ever I have in pantry and in stock, so it's kind of making the best what you have in hand.
So,usually I dont like to add saffron/Kewda essence or even rose water to enhance the flavour of a Biryani or a Pulao or even in chicken curry. Another thing which comes to my mind is ,can someone throw some light on the difference between a Pulao and a Biryani.I have been trying to figure out but I have no clue regarding this.
Anyways Garam masala is what I prefer ,and that I always stock up in pantry and like to add in non-veg curries whenever I am making it.
But again I am not entirely against using them.I also cant even name a simple chicken curry as something "Rose-water infused garlic based chicken gravy",quite a long name ,to me chicken curry is yeah a Chicken Curry what else.
I will start writing the recipes now without much now..

Chicken curry
1 kg chicken
5-7 medium size onions
6-8 garlic pods
1 and ½ inch ginger
2-3 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of cumin powder
4 tsp of red pepper powder
2 green chilly slit in between
Salt as per taste
1 tsp of sugar
½ cup of yogurt
2 tsp of garam masala
For tempering
4-5 black pepper
Half inch cinnamon stick
2-3 cardamom pods
Few strand of mace
2-3 bay leaf or tej patta
½ cup of mustard oil

Wash the chicken pieces in little warm water ,if you wish trim the excess fat from chicken pieces.
Now wash your hands thoroughly with soap+ water.
Now marinate the entire chicken pieces with yogurt,little turmeric powder,2 tsp of red pepper powder.Let it sit there for few hours if possible.
Heat up a saucepan/kadhai, add mustard oil, temper it with tej patta, black pepper, cinnamon stick, cardamoms, mace and add in sugar also.
Now add in garlic/ginger paste first let it brown evenly
Now add in the onion paste ,fry it for 5-6 mints till the rawness of onion is gone.
Now add in all the dry ingredients turmeric ,red ,cumin, coriander powder and little bit of water ,stir it well .
Now add in salt.Fry the ingredients till the spices are evenly cooked and the colour of gravy changes to somewhat little bit dark.
Add the marinated chicken pieces ..fry some more time till the oil separates out from sides.
Transfer the entire content to pressure cooker and add in 2 tsp of garam masala powder and 1 tomato chopped.
Cover the pressure cooker, one whistle at high flame and then quickly lower flame ,cook it for 10-12 mints at low,now let the pressure subside and then you open the lid( the chicken without bones usually don’t required to cook in pressure cooker , stir/fry well and coat with spices, cover by adding suffiecient water and lower the flame ,let it cook for half an hour )


1.Alternately you can cook the chicken in kadhai or dekchi ,add in 2cups of water,tomato garam masala powder ,cover it and cook at low for 1hr,stirring in between.

2.You may add in some fried Potato pieces , amust in bengali way of preparing mangsho(meat/chicken).

3.The chicken curry taste much more better the other day , just store in refrigerator and reheat at low the other day ,whenever you want to eat it.This brings out the flavour most.
4.You may add in 3-4 green chillies/serrano peppers to give in a distinct flavour but it's absolutely optional and more it depends on how much you can handle the hotness ,right.

Chingri pulao (shrimp pulao)

serves 5
3 cups of basmati rice
2-3 tbs of ghee
Some cinnamon stick
Few cloves
Few cardamoms
Few cashews
Few raisins
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp of sugar
For making spicy shrimp
2 tbs of mustard oil for frying + 1tbs for preparing the spicy fry
Turmeric powder
Red pepper powder as per taste
Clean the shrimp devein it from back (remove the purple thread like thing from back)
Tear n open the head and remove the upper portions that would look somewhat pale-yellowishto bright yellowish. wash it thoroughly in water.Often the Frozen Packets are cleaned and deveined so there is no need then.Fresh Chingri(Shrimp) has much more flavour and is soft also.

Marinate them in 2 tsp of turmeric powder and salt.
Heat up the saucepan, add oil, add in marinated shrimp, and don’t overcrowd them while frying, TIP-it’s better to fry them in batches if you have plenty of them.Fry them till they change the color only ,over frying will make them hard which I am sure you don’t want.
Now when all the shrimp is fried, add in little approx 1/4 cup of water to the saucepan,add in red pepper powder and some more mustard oil say about 2-3 tsp/1 tbs to it and cover the saucepan, cook them for few mints.
Take out in a separate bowl.
Now to the making of Pulao
Simple and short-cut method
Clean the rice and cook them, drain the water after cooking, keep it uncovered in a vessel. You may cook it in rice cooker also .
Add in the cooked shrimp to it, mix it gently.
Now in a saucepan, add in ghee, temper it with cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, cashews, raisins and sugar very little salt if required, but taste the pulao before you add it.
Temper the rice with the above ingredients and mix well.Keep it in a hot pot.
And of course there is this another way round for making this pulao , a little lengthy I guess but that also taste good.
Temper the rice with all the ingredients and then add in water TIP-to every cup of rice ,add equal amount of water .Cover it and then cook it.when half done add in spicy fried shrimp to it, cover it again and cook at low for half an hour or till rice is evenly coated with spice and cooked to tenedreness.
TIP- if required to add water,always add little warm water . All the measurements are approx ,please follow your instinct while preparing the dishes from here.

The chicken curry goes to The Potluck -Chicken at Viki's Kitchen , visit there to know more about the event details.

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Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Wow pass me the plate please, the curry and hte pulao looks so so yummy delicous.

  2. Wow both looks delicious! Its lunch time here and you have made me hungry! How I wish I could have Pulao & Chicken Curry now!
    About the difference between Pulao and Biriyani, Pulao is less spicy and spices like Chilly powder, Coriander powder, Garam masala are not added. Whereas Biriyani is spicy with all or some of the above spices added. You have posted it correctly-Shrimp Pulao :)

  3. Hi Jaya,
    shrimp pulao with chicken curry sounds good...love the simple typical home made curries rather than adding frills to it. good one jaya.
    The snow white kalakand looks fab! and fantastic entry for the mela :)

  4. Both look so good, J! I think the main difference between pulao and biryani is in the method of cooking. Biryani is layered and cooked on slow fire. For a pulao, you throw everything together and cook. That said, I think these days the two terms are used interchangably. So basically you can call it what you want! :)

  5. Hi Jaya,

    Great to read your recipe and the step by step preparation methods, with plenty of alternatives.... thank you..
    could you also suggest alternative to meat for us vegetarians...!!!
    I you hear the difference between biryani and pulao, do share with me.

    Have a great day...

  6. Hey Jaya, Your chicken curry looks yummy and mouth watering... infact what you say is so true we should always manage with what we have on hand!! I have always had this doubt abt biriyani and pulav.. Biriyani is a more spicy and a wet rice dish which has a lots masala all mixed up thoroughly well... the rice usually gets cooked up with the meat/ veggies... But Pulav is different not much masala sply no tomato goes in and the rice and masala are cooked up separately... These days we have chaned a lotts things about biriyani, we cook rice like pulav but we goes with the extreme masala stuff in it... Hope I cleared ur doubt... If you find something else do let me know!!!

  7. What's in a name :-) chicken naam tai jothestho ... tai na Jaya :-)
    Ami chingri polao coconut milk diye kori ... khub bhalo lage. Ebhabe ekbar korbo.
    Plate ta amar jonne toh? Please hain bolo. :-)

  8. Happy,
    thanks dear ..definitely why not :))..

    Wish i can pass it you too dear!!
    quite right there, and I am not wrong in that case LOL..
    thanks for differentiating..

    home-made curries are always good and i always prefer to use what i have in hand rather took the pain to run to grocery for the last minute shopping ..lol..thanks for coming by..

    so true ,these days the term are used inter-changeably ..that creates lot of confusions also LOL..
    but thats quite right there the cooking method also differs ..thanks for your valuable inputs and coming by..

    good to see you here ...veg options hmm..Ok can you add in fresh home-made paneer cubes in place of shrimps in "shrimp pulao" and in "chicken curry" you may sub it with mushroom/peas/broccoli or any other veggies of your choice ..hope it helps..thanks for coming by.

    that was so neat telling about the difference ..thanks for your valuable inputs here dear ..and yes it also depends how one wants to eat the rice ..thanks for coming by..

    hain exactly ..arey waw! you add in coconut milk for preparing the pulao ..thats great tip ,thanks for coming by..

    thank you all wonderful ladies for stoping and sharing your valuable inputs here ..
    hugs and smiles

  9. yummmmmmmmmmmmm both look so good.Chicken is totally bookmarked.Thanks for letting me know abt potluck event :)

  10. this dish looks awesome....!

  11. Uff tomar bari'r lokera ki durdanto shob khabar khay, khabar shomoy naam dekhe ar ki hobey

  12. Neema,
    thanks dear and do let me know how it turn out..


    Bong Mom
    :D ,aar ki bolbo er por !!
    thanks for coming by..
    hugs and smiles

  13. Jaya, chingri aamar khoob pochhondo naa holeo aami ranna kori...khoob kom jodio! eita aami maake rendhe khawate pari, maa is visiting me now and she loves chingri! :)

  14. your recipes are so lipsmacking! :) if by just reading and observing the pictures one's mouth starts watering, I can guess whats going to happen at the time of cooking?! Wonder if I am feeding guests whether they will ultimately be fed or will I dig into almost half the dish myself! :P

  15. Hi, new here, was looking for a Chingri macher polau and hence found this :)

    The difference between a Pulao and a Biriyani, at at least in Lucknow, is that Pulao is just fragrant rice with some spices and cooked well mixed together and cooked normally.

    While Biriyani will have a full fledged masala which will be layered between rice layers and cooked with Dum, mane pot sealed and the rice cooks on the steam of the masala/meat.

    Thanks for the recipe btw! :)

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