Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cute Duck Poris for Kids

Hi there, are you still with me? Good to hear that.Thank you for being here on day 4th of my 7 day challange.
This recipe is shared by my friend K who will be going back to India soon.
Last time when we went to their home for a small get –together, she had made these cute duck poris for kids. Her daughter N and my daughter A are very close friends and are in same class. In fact we became friends as our daughter’s have become friends over a period of one year now. I am sure my daughter is going to miss her friend and so do I.
K, wish you and your family all the best in your future if you are reading this, thank you for being part of our small world here.
Any large shaped cookie cutter can do wonder.
Little ones had a nice time eating their favorite duck Pori.

Step by step picture courtesy my friend K.

Knead approx 2 cup of all purpose flour or wheat flour.
Then roll out the dough into long slabs and cut it into small rounds. Make these small rounded balls to make puri.
On a greased surface or you may use flour for dusting the surface.
Gently roll the dough to small rounds

Now cut with duck-shaped cutter or you may use any other shaped cookie cutter.

Fry them in hot oil. Let it puff up like this

Take out when both sides are fried. Serve with any Korma/subzi /torkari.

Happy Cooking friends and come again tomorrow.


  1. Wow this is super cute...looks so gud

  2. superb idea. perfect to make them eat these and looks so cute.

  3. Woww cute poris, looks soooo great!

  4. Priti,
    thanks :)..

    yes,kids just love these luchi's.

    thanks :)...

    thanks for coming
    hugs and smiles

  5. Ki shundor idea Jaya! Bacchader jonne perfect! Ar phuleche o perfectly. :-)

  6. Sharmila,
    K ,amaar friend eyi rokom kore besh bhalo-2 idea kore kids der jonno banaye :)..
    hugs and smiles

  7. Haha! These are cute. Ektu peas bhaja diye khe nebo. My Mum used to make miniature luchis for us when we were small.

  8. Pree,
    right, peas bhaja nahole aloo bhaja,kids just love these new luchis :)..I used to cut small rounds from small bati/bowl and fry them , but cookie cutter never came to my mind.thanks to K who came up with it.

    thanks :)..

  9. The ultimate luchi Jaya...i love these...issshh jodi aamar kaachhe erom thakto aami ekhuni bhajtaam puchke gulor jonne jodio oraa ektu bodo hoye geche taao they would love it :)

  10. sotti Joyeeta,
    amar meye r or friend koto anando kore khelo je seyi ta ami likhe bolte parchinaa :)..
    hugs and smiles


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