Friday, August 6, 2010

Around The World-Craft Ideas

This post has nothing to do with cooking and food but on a subject very close to my heart.Creating crafts with kids is what gives me immense satisfaction other than cooking foods for my family.

Summer vacation for kid’s means "mother's be prepared to do some extra job. I often find it difficult to engage my daughter with some tasks. I try to focus on developing her creativity. And also I wish her to develop a healthy approach to understand the world around us.

This summer vacation I choose the topic –“Around the World”. Although I was kind of thinking it from past spring break but due to our short trip back home, nothing materialized.

Basic target/approach of this project-“Around The world” - was to introduce her and of course myself to the varied culture of different countries .There are many customs or practices associated with a particular country. I, for that matter am very much interested in knowing how a child in a particular country likes to spend that special day.

I thought perhaps making some easy crafts with my daughter would be appropriate to relate to that particular custom or for that matter to that particular country/part of the world.

Like for example during Basantpanchami/Saraswati puja in Gujarat,Delhi and in UP, people like to fly kites. Making kites with ones’ parents, during our growing up days was really a fun way to co-relate to this tradtion. And who doesn’t like making kites?

We have made Kwanzaa necklace to start off our tour of the world. She had earlier tried making it in school also. Since then she was always telling me to make it again. Instructions for this craft can be found here-

Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday celebrated in US mainly during 26th Dec to 1st of Jan every year.

Details can be found here - and here in wiki .

Children’s day is celebrated in Japan on perhaps 5th of May. This is a national holiday I guess.

This day is marked for boys who love to make fish kites or carp kites called as”Koinobori”. They would then hang this outside their home one for each son in the family. And they would then pray for their sons well being and progress.

(However, I personally do think sons and daughters are same and should not be treated differently)

We had some nice time making this project one whole afternoon. My daughter then also went on to pretend being a fisher woman with her Koinobori Carp Origami. Instruction on how to make this traditional origami can be found here .

Catch of the day - quite a big one!!

And if you wish you can make real carp Kites also.

Other Crafts Project that we did in past-

Creating Crafts with kids

Mango Collage

If you have some other ideas please share with me here, I am all eager to know them also.

There are other countries and their traditions which are yet to explore. Let’s see where our boots take us tomorrow :-)).....


  1. This is so nice Jaya. Ei rokom bhabe koto kichu shikteo parche.
    Amar choto ta eto dusthu je boro tar sathe boshe kono detailed project kora jai na !!! Jokhon o ghumoy tokohon is the only time, tai quick projects korte hoi.

    Tobe ami origami'r link ta dekhe try korbo

  2. Jaya amio bachhader shathe crafts korte khub bhalo bashi...khub shiggiri kichhu post korbo...the ideas are great...

  3. Sandeepa,

    choto ke do ekta crayons and paper diye debe ..boshe-2 round line nahole modern art korbe :-)..
    Origami tara tari tuiri hoye ..ebong you can really pretend great things with them ..ami nije onek noton kicho shikchi amaar meye'er sathe..thanks for liking it ..

    nischoyi korbe , tobe to amara ideas use korte parbo :-)..ami sab samay noton crafts er idea search kori ...thanks for liking this post.

    hugs and smiles

  4. beautiful post Jaya. ebhabe oder moddhe notun jinish shekhar agroho barbe...amar cheleta choto tabe ekhane majhe majhe bachchagulo ase amar kache notun kichu shikhte. oder sange somoy katateo ki bhalo je lage.
    aar oi baddo boro pink color er catch ta die jhol banale na jhal? :-)

  5. Jaya

    Aaajkei shokale oi link ta theke Tulip with stems ta korlam amra. Boro jon er khub bhalo legeche. Ei week ar ek ta korbo bolechi.

    Choto ta maha dan-pite, crayons diy, kintu kagoj chara shob jaigay rong kore !!!! Ar jei ta Didi korche, exactly seitai korte chaibe, second gulo money hoy ei rokom dushtu hoy. Kintu maja o lage khub dushtumi dekhte :-D

  6. Sayantani,

    hain tumaar to onek rokom bhabhe crafts tuiri korar idea hobe..theek bolecho eyi jey agarho ..icha and motivation hole tobe kicho sheekte and korte paba jaye ...thanks for liking this..


    ki bhalo bhabhe kids der sathe quality time spent kora jaye eyi bhabhe...origami bishon tara tari tuiri hoye and kids der besh mon legey thakhe..LOL..tumaar kotha shono amaar to choto ta ke bishon chotka-motka korte iche korche :-)..ki mishti hobe tumaar choto ta..besh aro kicho bichor tar por they will be doing things on their own ..thokhon to oder sathe palla deba jabe ki ?
    hugs and smiles


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