Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mutton Curry

I am often being questioned by my hubby about my certain old clothes which I don’t wear now.Whenever he is up to clear the clutter that I have kept so safely in cupboards,I end up giving many excuse for this or that .
Certain clothes which are old, like my first jean which doesn’t fit me now is still there.
And the sweater that my mother made with her old knitting needles for the first time for me, it’s also there in cupboard.
Many of them haven’t seen the daylight, yet they managed to survive in a steel almirah for these past years and with this pace ,they will do so in coming years also.
My hubby being fed up of all these, told me yesterday “you are suffering form Hay Stock Syndrome
I said,”What is that?” rolling my eyes .
He told as usual with great command and calmness ” Its keeping things in safe place, which in practical life has no use, or for years haven’t been used but take some important space of our life or "cupboard" in my case.This is an analysis made by some management Guru and it’s really applicable to you now.” and then he left the room leaving me there wondering what hay stock is !!
That made me thinking as if the pot is being stirred while cooking , you know what I mean.

Seriously friends ,In Feng Shui also, Zen masters says to declutter life, defuse the clutter, and create more positive energies for a new beginning.

Somehow I am unable to think beyond that, certain things remained my precious savings till date and may be, they will continue to do so, irrespective of my hubby questioning me about it many times and having small fight on that also .

Do you think I can declutter these things now and move on in life.Is it possible to take out emotions attached to certain things ………
And in the meantime do let me know do you also declutter things in your life for betterment, but how?
well I shall leave it there now, and this is nothing to do with mutton curry which my hubby ate fondly without questioning or giving any funda !!

You all must be wondering what, why again, are ise kya hoya? Same old recipe and posting it again.But-but, old is gold and when oldie is Mutton Curry, do you think I should go back now, Nah! Never!! :))
I just thought that let me assemble some more facts before posting it and even more pictures.recipe remains same with few ingredient swap.

Mutton curry
Recipe Requirements
Serves for 4-5
1kg of mutton
3-4 medium size potato cut into half
1-2 tbs of mustard oil for frying potato
5-6 onions
Garlic 10- 1ginger-1 ½ inch
2 tsp of turmeric powder
4 tsp of red pepper powder
4 green chilly/Serrano pepper
1 ½ tsp of salt
4 heaped tbs of yogurt
3 bay leaves
4 whole cardamoms (Gota elaich)
5 cloves (long)
1 inch long cinnamon sticks (dalchini)
Few starnds of mace ( Jwaitri )
Pinch of nutmeg (Jaiphal) from the nut/kernel
1 tsp of sugar
½ cup of mustard oil and 2tbs more to add at the time of frying
How To ProceedMarinating the mutton
Fisrt make a smooth paste of Garlic and Ginger by grinding in Mixer; add little bit of water also.Make a smooth paste of onion also.
Marinate the mutton with salt, Red pepper powder , Yogurt and 1-2 tbs of mustard oil and the garlic /ginger paste and half of onion paste .Let it sit there for 1-2 hrs.

Heat up a kadai/ heavy bottom Pan, add 1-2 tbs of mustard oil and fry the potatoes till brown on every side .Take out and keep aside.

Add rest of mustard oil and add sugar .Caramelization of sugar gives a nice color to the Mutton gravy .Fry at low for ½ mints .Add the onion paste, fry till the rawness is gone. Add bay leaves.
Add in turmeric powder, red pepper powder.
Add the marinated mutton at this point , deep fry  actually it is kashano or bhunao part , like stir/fry at medium flame  for 15-25 mints, TIP-.If the oil comes out by the side of kadai , Mutton is deep fried well . Also if the mutton is pink in colour this shows the mutton is baby or kochi in Bengali and it may require little less time for deep fry.

Add fried potatoes and 2 cups of water ( it depends on the gravy you want , if you want a thick gravy don’t add much water)

Add in 4 green chilly slit in between. If required you may add some more raw mustard oil at this point of time , it adds upto the flavor.
Now roast the garam masala on Tava/skillet at low slowly.(Below is my old iron skillet that I use still for making roti and roasting garam masala.

TIP-Now at this point in time let me share you with a tip of cleaning brunt Tava, rub in half cut lemon while the Tava is still warm after you finish your job .keep it as it is for few minutes and then wash it throughly with the liquid soap , the job is much more easier and less time consuming.

crush them on cutting board with rolling pin. thats is how I always do for the fresh flavour of garam masala.
Add in to the mutton gravy cooking at low.
Now cover the gravy and cook at low slowly for 1 hr or till the mutton is soft and juicy.
Sprinkle fresh chopped coriander leaves.
Now this mutton curry is very hot, and If you are ready to handle that much of hotness, then just go for it!!
One more look at mutton curry

Enjoy good food in good company of your friends.


  1. Mutton curry looks super super DELICIOUS. And yeah even keep my things not all some. I have my first salwar which i wore here in Belgium,all the letters we wrote to eachother when we were dating, i do throw or give away stuff but certain things you can't throw.
    Oh and I have things from my daughter when she was little, her first bunch of hair, all her teeth which feel out :-) should i go on with the list :-)

  2. Every year, we go thru' 4 closets and get rid of all clothes we don't wear and give it to charity. Believe me, it feels so good to have less but good clothes that more junk. But some things are sentimental, you can keep them in a box! :))

    Mutton curry looks delicious and I love the thick gravy.

  3. Mutton curry looks very delicious Jayashree.. Can I have that bowl ??

  4. I'm like that too.cant let go of some old favs but According to Feng Shui decluttering is good for all aspects of ones life and well being!ice curry!

  5. Amaye ektu debe Jaya? I love mutton ... kintu kinte/randhte pari na. :-(
    I give away my old stuff every winter/monsoons to the handicapped institution here ... I rest easy that the clothes/sweaters/bedsheets are being of some use to somebody. :-)

  6. Clutter is the bane of my life and I'm constantly trying to weed out stuff - papers, clothes, now I've even begun to get rid of some utensils because there's just too much.

    I've kept some of my grandfather's letters - in his later years, he began getting them typed and would only sign them so I feel senti about that. Then he got his typist to type on the Internet, ha ha!

    I have given away one or two things that I loved dearly by mistake; I have also given away stuff that I've not worn for years. Sentiment is fine, keep your stuff by all means. Keeping things out of laziness or a dog-in-the-manger attitude is what will affect the atmosphere. I believe in that, Feng Shui or not. When you see the house/cupboard full of things, disorderly, it makes you restless.

  7. Hi Jaya,

    Bolte hobe kii daarun hoyechhe mangsher curry?? :-)
    Clutter doesnt include things of sentimental value...but then we cant attach our sentiments to a bunch of things..isnt it? Only a few that we hold close to our heart are worth saving but everything else is worth sharing...and yes, I am all for decluttering for it balances the flow of positive/good energy around the house! Go for it girl :)

  8. Love the color and look of the curry, Jaya!
    I gave away 8 sacks of clothes to charity in May/June and another 6 this Jan. It's amazing how much gets collected over time. Of course some things have sentimantal value and I think it's fine to hang on to those, as long as there are not too many and you store them separately. For me clothes are easier, its the little knick knacs and papers/mags that I need work on for decluttering my life :)

  9. Happy,
    Thank you for liking the curry.Yeah even I have kept my daughters first shoe, first cloth etc..too..can't help it :))...

    Charity is the best option when I guess we need to declutter our closet, and that serves the purpose also...Thank you for liking the curry...

    Yeah sure why not :))......

    thanks for stoping by and liking the curry...

    Hey! ami kine ani na , amaar FIL nahole Hubby kine ane hehe...
    nischoyi debo :))...Thats very good and so thoughtful of you ...

    Yeah , even I have felt some times when I have given certain things and then realized I miss many of them still ..But when it comes to giving away old clothes , I too do give them to my maids and the temple we visit near by ...Decluttering things is goos and I have realized that , cuz that makes you feel good and happy , trust me on that!

    bang there! you cleared the doubts I have..so beautiful to say that we should hold on to very few limited things and rest should be shared ...Lovely...

    thanks dear!
    Yeah I guess too papers , old mags do need a lot of our space in storage and that needs to be decluttered ..I always love to hang on my some old clothes which I have sentiments attached and for that I am always ready to make space anywhere ...
    Thanks you all for coming here and clearing the doubts I was kind of started having ...

    Hugs and smiles

  10. Yep. I de-clutter. And not just in my home but also at the office, even on my computer. I think the case of de-cluttering was drawn home to me when one year, several years ago, I had to help 2 friends who were moving and making huge changes in their lives and it was amazing the things they had just "kept" for the sake of keeping, it made me realise also how a lot of things we think we need to have around, we don't. I remember coming home and starting to take out stuff and getting rid of them.

    I am not saying that there are certain things that cannot be kept but not everything that just occupies space physically and emotionally.

    Emotionally, I am continuing to grow and with each day and each passing experience, I am learning what to hold on to and what to let go. Life is too short and here's another cliche, tomorrow is promised to no one so each day I approach it with the best of me or at least I try to :)

    I'm coming over for some of the mutton curry!

  11. De cluttering does give you peace but I am a hoarder too.
    Mutton curry is damn good -- again and again

  12. Cynthia,
    Life is too short and I guess I just want to hold on certain things which are very precious to me that may be very inexpensive but has tremendous impact on my mind and heart and its difficult for me to just let it go ...
    decluttering is good and you try to declutter even on computers thats really good :))...
    Do come and enjoy with us ..

    arey! wont believe ,peace yeah it gives more to hubby than me hehe...
    hain mutton curry anytime does taste great ..
    hugs and smiles

  13. Is it alright if i use normal vegetable oil instead of mustard oil in the curry?

    1. Sure why not? ..if mustard oil is not available- sunflower oil/corn oil/vegetable oil can be used, although not sure of olive oil..hope it helps..


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